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WWII & Third Reich
Further Reading

This book takes the reader on a journey through time discovering the fascinating history of the Obersalzberg.

Through the use of extensive photographs, many of which are extremely rare and previously unpublished, this book offers a unique insight into the tumultuous history of the former mountain headquarters.

This book documents the development of the Obersalzberg from a small, long established farming community into Hitler’s southern headquarters through a unique visual approach. Using a considerable collection of period postcards and photographs which were used so skilfully by the Nazi propaganda machine, it explains how and why the Nazi elite chose this area and how it was transformed by Hitler and his henchmen.

This book was created to help history-minded explorers find a multitude of largely forgotten historical sites, both on the Obersalzberg, in Berchtesgaden, and throughout the surrounding area. Includes detailed directions for driving and walking tours. The author is also the owner of the authoritative website.

This book offers a glimpse into the subterranean world of the Obersalzberg. From 1943, work started on a vast system of underground bunkers, which would enable Hitler to continue his rule from beneath this mountain. The author examines in detail the subject of air-raid protection in the context of the Obersalzberg’s long history and presents numerous hitherto unpublished photographs and plans.

With the exception of “Obersalzberg: A Journey Through Moving Times by Daniel Möller” all of the above books are also available from other Amazon stores and many other book sellers. 

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