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Historical Tours Further Afield

As America's foremost expert in WWII history, the National WWII Museum’s Travel Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational content by creating custom-curated tour itineraries.

Fully customised WWII tours. Explore the rich history of WWII on a tour across Europe that has been designed just for you.

Battlefield Discovery are experts on the Rhine Campaign. Offering a multitude of specialised historical tours, these military historians also offer historical research and consultancy services.

Founded by Stephen E. Ambrose, author of the legendary "Band of Brothers" book, offering historical tours worldwide accompanied by historians who are leaders in their field.

Discover the history of the battlefields of Western Europe with an Accredited member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides specialising in Operation Market Garden.

Poland at War Tours invites you to join a deep exploration of the history of WWII as it occurred in Poland. Exploring the occupation of Poland, the Holocaust, and remarkable actions of Polish resistance.

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