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About Us

For us this is much more than just a job; it's our passion. Our love of the history and this beautiful area was so great it led us to relocate here from England in 2014; and there is nowhere we would rather be.

How it started

A passion for this history and a thirst for further knowledge has resulted in years of private research: attending seminars from renowned historians, delving into archives, and building a collection of rare period photographs, historical literature, and assorted artefacts. On top of this, we have experienced numerous personal meetings with important eye witnesses to hear first hand accounts of their experiences during the regime which has given us an assortment of revealing recollections and extraordinary anecdotes. All of this added together provided us with the perfect opportunity to turn a passion into something more.

Discover Eagle’s Nest was founded by specialised historical tour guides Tom & Amy Lewis.

We have been conducting highly specialised, WWII history focussed tours of the area since 2014, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and experience. With the area steeped in so much momentous history, our tours provide the opportunity for you to discover it all, and really make the most of your visit to this incredible area.


We are both certified as specialised guides for Third Reich themed tours by the Munich-Berlin Institute for Contemporary History - this gives us authorisation to conduct in depth historical tours of the area. Only a handful of people have gained this accreditation in this field.

After ten years freelancing as specialised historical tour guides, we finally took the plunge to create our own historical tour company: Discover Eagle’s Nest, and launching this website brand new for 2024. We personally conduct the majority of Discover Eagle's Nest tours ourselves, as well as a couple of highly trusted, experienced professional fellow tour guides who also represent Discover Eagle's Nest.


We now look forward to developing our own brand into the future and continuing to do what we love to do for many years to come…

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