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Historical Tour of the Eagle's Nest, Obersalzberg & Bunkers

Adult: €79.90 Child (6-14): €59.90 Under 5s: Free
Duration: 4.5 hours
Minimum group size:
10 persons
Maximum group size: 40 persons


Unearth the fascinating history of Hitler's former chosen homeland; from the lofty heights of the Eagle's Nest, the expansive Obersalzberg compound, to the subterranean depths of the bunkers.

Walk in the footsteps of history and explore the area that comprised a sprawling compound during the Nazi regime, learning about why the mountainside was so decisive, while visiting the most historically significant locations paying particular attention to the most fascinating of all; the exact site where Hitler's home stood.

As you wander through the Obersalzberg your experienced guide will explain the compelling background history of the mountainside, using a selection of period photographs to help you to visualise the once-extensive compound whilst you stand exactly where such momentous history was made.

You'll also delve into the subterranean secrets of the Obersalzberg with a visit to one of the original sections of the vast underground bunker complex buried deep below the former compound.

To top off the tour you will then take the winding mountain road to the Eagle's Nest. This journey weaving along the steep, serpentine route is a captivating experience in itself. ​Discover the reasons behind how and why the National Socialist party had the impressive Eagle's Nest built at 6,017ft atop the peak of the Kehlstein mountain.

Tour Itinerary

You'll meet your guide at the Eagle's Nest bus departure point (Salzbergstrasse 45, 83471, Berchtesgaden, Germany). Beginning with a walking tour of the Obersalzberg you'll visit the most significant locations within the former compound, the sites where the most important buildings once stood; including the top leaders' homes, the SS barracks, and the headquarters of the RSD security force.

The highlight of the walking tour will be the most significant location of all: the exact site where Hitler's "Berghof" home once dominated the landscape. The second seat of government power during the Nazi regime; this spot was the setting for many incredibly important discussions impacting the outcome of WWII.​

The next part of your historical tour will be the opportunity to visit an original section of the vast underground bunker complex buried deep below the former compound. Explore the meandering labyrinth of twisting tunnels and cavernous chambers; the unbelievable achievement of a workforce in its thousands under the instruction of the National Socialist leadership.

Next will be the journey up - with no waiting around in long lines - our tours all include "skip the line". You'll travel together with your guide in one of the specially designed mountain buses driving up the private road to the Eagle's Nest. You will be shown around the historic building paying particular attention to the many original features that still remain, including the famous brass elevator, and learning the details of the impressive construction of Hitler's mountaintop masterpiece. 

The tour will include ample opportunities to take photos, ask any questions you may have, and also some free time to explore the Eagle's Nest independently. Not forgetting that the Eagle's Nest is today also a restaurant you'll also have a chance to grab a quick bite to eat or enjoy a Bavarian beer! Your guide will accompany you on the journey back down and the tour will end at the same location it began.

Where to Meet?

Eagle's Nest bus departure point
Salzbergstrasse 45, 83471, Berchtesgaden, Germany

What's Included?

  • Detailed historical tour

  • Visit to the site of Hitler’s former Berghof home

  • Entrance to the bunker system

  • Eagle’s Nest shuttle bus up and down 

  • Entrance to Eagle's Nest

  • Elevator ride up and down

  • "Skip the line"


  • Price: Adult: €79.90

  • Child (6-14): €59.90

  • Under 5s: Free 

Other Info

  • Duration: 4.5 hours

  • Min. group size: 10 persons

  • Max. group size: 40 persons


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